The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra is an ensemble of fourteen string players, all members of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra, which plays without a conductor, was established in 1993 with the support of the Slovene Ministry of Culture. During its fifteen years of performing together the orchestra has played over two hundred and fifty concerts both in Slovenia and abroad and worked with some of the leading Slovene and foreign musicians (Dubravka Tomšic, Irena Grafenauer, Mirjam Kalin, Misha Maiski, Sarah Chang, Stefan Dohr, Priya Mitchell, Richard Galliano). Co-operating closely with the Slovene National Gallery, for the last eight years the orchestra has been organising the Harmony of the Spheres series, which is supported financially by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and the City of Ljubljana. The series combines lectures in visual arts and chamber music concerts, attracting audiences of different ages and professional backgrounds. Such an event allows for a fairly independent programme policy, something which is of vital importance for the development of the orchestra. 
As the most sophisticated form of performing music, chamber music aims to address the most intimate but also the most demanding of audiences. It therefore finds it difficult to reach its target audience in a normal marketing situation. Thus ever since the creation of the series it has been our great pleasure to be part of the success story on social responsibility displayed by the Lek pharmaceutical company. In addition to its humanitarian activities, its responsibility towards youth and its investment in knowledge, Lek is also a great sponsor of culture and art. We are both pleased and proud of Lek’s ongoing support for our activities; such cooperation is inevitably rewarding and has also resulted in the orchestra receiving several awards for its work, including the Prešeren Fund award in 1999, the 2004 Župancic award and the 2006 Betteto award, which is the highest recognition of artistic achievements in music.

Donate Part of Your Income Tax for 2010

The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra has been listed as a registered charity for residents of the Republic of Slovenia, who can donate a portion of their income tax (up to 0.5%) to us. Our tax ID number is 23347872.

Donating Part of Your Income Tax for 2010
A List of Those Eligible for Donations

The Society is listed under Article 4.1. Legal Entities Governed by Private Law who are eligible for donations according to the Act on Enforcing Public Interest in the Field of Culture / 4.1.1. Music.